The Formula of TransformationHow to adapt creatively to the challenges of context

Creativity of human systems is paradoxical. Creativity can bring the system to generate innovative adaptation strategies. Or become a symptomatic trap. Human systems generate self-destructive process when their life becomes meaningless, or loses its engagement with life purpose. The transformation of human groups is directly related to its adaptation strategy to their environment. In this process to create new living conditions, two aspects are articulated. On the one hand a framework of reference that guides the development of the group. This development framework is represented by the purpose which guides the existence and system integration. On another hand, a framework for interaction to guide the movements of the system in their negotiations with the context is needed.

purpose + engagement = transformation

The purpose cannot be sustained without a structural engagement to sustain the strategy adaptation to the context. The aim of the transformation of human systems is to achieve a level of active participation in different contexts where the system interacts. The transformation of the system involves a structural renovation (new internal organizational patterns) to sustain an active participation in the context (new living conditions and development). This dialogue with the characteristics of the context is related to the adaptation mode. This dialogue can manifest in an active adaptation (which allows dialogue and transformation) or a passive adaptation (which leads to frustration and resignation).

This aspect is related to the purpose as a framework of existence and integration for the organization. This involves: a) Transform the territories in issues from the physical markets, regions o cities to issues of concern such as trends, social movements, innovations, etc. , b) Transform the dynamics of interventions to think about dynamic solutions we want to generate and what process are involved in this transformation.

This aspect refers to the level of impact of our movements. These involve considering the consequences of our actions and define a framework for integration, both internal and external. This involves: a) Define external interaction attributes to define how we should be recognized in the context, b) Develop core of integration to support internal motivation and participation of the people.

How to apply this formula

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