Toolbox Project Open knowledge and shared experiences

Transforming development

Tools to enhance the development of projects in unstable contexts. Growth, change and competitiveness.

Learning model

In this program we share tools and models that we have developed in 10 years of research. We have developed our expertise in Latin American contexts accompanying projects in contexts of change and transition. From this perspective, we develop models to address systems in state of instability.


Understand the new social context from a different perspective to expand the possibilities of decisions and development alternatives.


Develop an innovative approach to changing social contexts (markets or communities) with new intervention tools and management models.


The graduate can use the tools freely without proprietary rights costs. Our commitment is to assist students to access validation for certification.


Our goal is to generate personal skills to face changing contexts. Participants apply our tools in their own areas or organizations of interest.

Managing the change

Intervention methodology applied to groups and organizations to transform classic projects on innovative responses to deal with changing social contexts.

  • How to deal with the complexity of context?
  • How to adapt to the changes?
  • How to manage the internal changes in organizations?
Know the Virtual Classroom
Context unit
  • Self-assessment
  • Unit Certificate
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  • Monitoring exercises
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Training Module
U$D 200
  • Supervision of exercises
  • Training Certificate
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Coaching Module
U$D 500
  • Coaching support
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  • Extension coaching
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Education Module
U$D 400
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