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Emotions are the core of the transformation

Our proposal introduces an innovative three-dimensional perspective for organizational development. The first involves addressing the present context in a different way to recover the creativity that enables leave the inertia of stereotyped solutions. The second dimension refers to the need to recover new perspectives to transform bureaucratic routine that suffocates the performance of people. And finally, the third dimension is related to transform the conditions of life that brings new possibilities to adaptation in a context of growth and development.


Design Alternatives

How to address emerging contexts
The dimensions of the current changes. The formula of alternatives. Architecture for instability. The strategy of the possibilities to grow in unstable contexts. Business model development in three dimensions.

Competitive Value

How to address the movement
Competitiveness Platform: assessment, design and management. Strategic management of stakeholders. Dimensions of valuation and perception. Innovation scenarios. Board of decisions.

Emotional Competitiveness

How to address transformation
Management experience in change processes. Addressing symptoms in human groups. The formula of transformation. Change management board. Managing emotional territories.