Competitive architectureEvaluation and design models to expand response capacity

Test of competitiveness

© 2009

It is a five-factor analysis. In each area, are defined points of intervention with the aim of developing specific work programs to reach a symmetric architecture. More

Corporate culture model

© 2009

This structure allows to analyze the corporate culture in three dimensions: strategic, operational and executive. The model used in the process design change. More

Growth factors

© 2008

It is a platform for communication design spaces that facilitate exploration, analysis, design and management of medias and activities in an organization. More

Model of competitiveness

© 2009

It is a platform to organize competitive architecture integrating stable and innovative structures. This model presents a system of evaluation and management process that materializes in five areas of analysis. More

Competence analysis

© 2009

This model presents a platform skills training to address unstable contexts. The model is based on four archetypes: explorers, cartographers, builders and settlers. More