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Matrix value

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This is a diagnosis of strategic positioning in five sectors. A formula is applied to innovate in defining the corporate offering and establish management parameters in the different stakeholders value. Download

Model matrix

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It is a project management board based on four units with 16 variables. This structure allows to develop a strategic framework for systemic design and project management. Download

It is a platform to project a context map to analyze development scenarios, and design intervention programs with different actions and indicators according to the different areas of development. Download

It is a project management board that contains different programs from which unfolds a platform for action, controlled with different indicators, to articulate interventions in different sectors of stakeholders. Download

This model articulates four dimensions of analysis for the development of complex decisions. This model is applied to the group discussion and personal analysis. Download

It is a five-factor analysis. In each area, are defined points of intervention with the aim of developing specific work programs to reach a symmetric architecture. Download