The Formula of ExperiencesHow to reshape the everyday context

Emotions regulate behaviors through chemical discharges that emerge as responses to contact with certain facts. All living systems, from unicellular to social, respond to the dynamic of context. But in a case of people, these responses are mediated by the personal experience of events. In other words, the characteristics of the context are based on our personal interpretation, which more or less is connected with reality and facts. Interpretations define the meaning of events which are emotionally colored by certain molecules. This combination of chemistry and meaning sets the way each person experiences everyday events.

meaning + chemistry = experiences

To transform experiences in organizations is necessary to change the conditions that create those experiences. According to formula, experiences arise from two components. The first component relates to the meanings that define the contents of the personal interpretations and explanations about certain events in the context. The second component is related to the chemistry of emotions that define the modalities of responses against those events.
In this regard, the transformation of experiences involves two aspects relates to: reframing of interpretations and redefinition of emotions:

This intervention aims to generate a coherent framework about processes and organizational situations. These ideas should be clear and simple to generate a reliable frame of reference about organizational context. In this sense, there are three important points to consider: a) define key ideas to share, b) maintain feedback, c) define performance rules.

This intervention aims to sustain a favorable context for the integration and motivation of people. The management of a suitable chemical for performance is accomplished through managing personal responses and the quality of interpersonal relationships. To do this is necessary to consider the following points: a) reduce hostility and thereat, b) encourage the participation and integration, c) inspire challenges and recognize people.

How to apply this formula

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