Decision tools Models to create alternatives before acting

Four circles model

© 2006

This model articulates four dimensions of analysis for the development of complex decisions. This model is applied to the group discussion and personal analysis. More

Meaning matrix

© 2009

This model articulates cognitions, emotions and behavior management experiences. This model is applied in organizational change processes. More

Complexity analysis

© 2009

This model shows the dynamics of a social context in three dimensions. This distribution allows us to analyze risk factors and potential of context against certain projects. More

Subjectivity test

© 2009

This test analyzes "hidden dimensions" in the subjectivity of the people who influence their decisions. Applies both personally and as a group to improve decisions. More

Leadership Model

© 2008

The model presents four areas to support the leadership role related to the projection of perspectives, collective creativity, participation in the context and the ability to create an atmosphere of integration. More

Parallel dimensions

© 2008

This model has five hidden dimensions in the individual approach of problem situations. The model examines the prejudices and hidden factors that restrict an adequate perception of events. More