The Formula of PermanenceHow to keep response capacity in unstable contexts

The company is a productive structure. The results of its work will have existence starting from its relationships with the environment. It is not enough that the institution have good intentions and develop its work professionally if nobody chooses its proposal. All productive process loses sense if the stakeholders don’t feel identified. In the case of a company, this circumstance is usually more visible. The company can develop an excellent product, but if nobody chooses it, that structure dies quickly. The product of an organization is its proposal; which anyway has the same aim if its clients don't value it.

perception + appraisal = permanence

The proposal elaborated by the company, what it has to offer to the market, will be developed in an interaction space; that transcends to the physical conception of products, organisms and buildings. The space where the proposal must be inserted is in the mind and people's heart. This is the place where the fragments of perceived messages are integrated and all the concepts take signification. The subjective perception of the possibilities of action influences the search for alternatives to intervention. From this point of view, we define permanence as the ability to interact with the dynamics of a context. Therefore, permanence is the result of a set of positions and movements that a group or organization must do to maintain their participation in the economic or social context. Thus, permanence is not related to the “power,” “strength” or “size” of an organization. It is related to the ability to be perceived and valued in a volatile context by different stakeholders.

How to apply this formula

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