ChanceTransforming development conditions

Sharing images of change

In this project we propose to share a development perspective for human groups. We are living a historic moment with deep deterioration in living conditions in many organizations. All efforts to improve the responsiveness ultimately generate opposite results. Many organizations seek to advance, doing everything necessary to go back.
CHANCE Proyect was born to share concepts, images and new perspectives of transformation. We are producing videos about transformations in organizations. The videos will be available for downloading and sharing.

SET 2013
Chapter 1

The vulnerability of the precision

Human systems do not respond in the same way as the machines. People do not respond to a set of instructions. The integration of human groups is symbolic, not mechanical. Therefore, forced deployment of instructions generates a poor standard of performance. In this chapter we present the vulnerability of organizational design and its current difficulties facing the demands of the context.


Chapter 2

From Chastity to anxiolytics

Human systems sick because all living systems without structural transformation collapses at some point. When a system maintains its structure by force generally ill. When a system becomes extremely conservative, it suffers from limitations of adaptation. In this chapter we will approach our theory about the symptoms functionality to support the "inertia" of change in human systems.

Chapter 3

Conquer utopias

The challenge for human group is designing a framework to transform a development context. This requires deploying symbolic capacity to design possible spaces, "utopias" that allow to find new opportunities. This chapter will discuss the role of a life project to create and recreate our destination.